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Tissaw: a CNC-Machined Titanium Folding Hand Saw

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Are you still troubled by the problems of traditional hand saw being laborious to use, blades being prone to rust, and being heavy and inconvenient to carry? Say goodbye to the confines of the traditional hand saws, for the solution has arrived. 

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, Tissaw - a compact, powerful, and precise machined titanium folding hand saw for camping and outdoor adventures. Tissaw can meet your needs in terms of compact size on-the-go, the hinge sheath structure, blade sharpness, and strength.


OLFA SWB-5 Saw Blade

OLFA blades are Ideal for applications such as: Cutting carpet, Fabric, Cardboard, Paper, Balsa Wood, Film, Soft wood, Leather, Vinyl, PVC, Plastic Film, Car Warp, Linoleum, electrical wiring, interior finishes, drywall & Plaster board, ideal tool for electricians and plasters general DIY and more.

Keyhole Saw design Made from high-quality Japanese carbon tool steel. Double-honed blade provides superior initial sharpness and edge retention. All OLFA art blades undergo an advanced production process that results in excellent sharpness and long life.

Robust Titanium Handle

Crafted with precision, our hand saw features a CNC-machined titanium handle that exemplifies both durability and elegance. Titanium's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio guarantees a lightweight yet robust tool, making it perfect for demanding tasks. In addition, titanium happens to be a terrible heat sink, so the handle feels cool in summer and warm in winter. With a sleek finish, the handle not only enhances performance but also adds a touch of sophistication to your toolkit.

CNC-Machined Titanium Handle

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Grip

The handle's meticulously engineered design ensures an ergonomic grip, providing comfort and control during extended use. Featuring strategically placed skidproof stripes along the edges, it offers superior traction, preventing slippage even in the most challenging conditions. The innovative trapezoidal structure allows you to apply significant strength while pulling, maximizing sawing efficiency without compromising on comfort. This thoughtful design ensures that each stroke is powerful and precise, making even the toughest cutting tasks feel effortless.

Ergonomic Handle Design

Handle Sheath for Swift Operation

Our hand saw incorporates a structure with two hinges, making the handle when open also a sheath when closed. This allows you to open and close the blade with swift, fluid motions. This innovative mechanism not only enhances the tool's portability but also ensures quick deployment and secure storage. The precision-engineered pivots and latches provide smooth and reliable operation, transforming the saw from a compact, easy-to-carry tool to a ready-to-use cutting instrument in seconds.

Double-hinge Makes the Handle also Sheath

Blaze Trails with Ease

For the rugged demands of wild adventures, Tissaw is your ultimate companion for blazing trails and cutting through dense foliage. Whether you're forging a path through the bush or trimming branches for a campsite, its robust titanium handle and razor-sharp blade ensure you can tackle any obstacle with ease.

Blaze Your Trail in Outdoor Adventures

A Perfect Cutting Tool for Your Camping Trips

When packing for a camping trip, the weight and bulk of an axe or chopper can be cumbersome. Our hand saw offers the perfect alternative, providing the same utility in a more compact and lightweight form. Easily carried in your gear, this hand saw enables you to gather firewood effortlessly, ensuring a warm campfire without the hassle of lugging heavy tools.

Firewood Solution

Tissaw excels as a versatile cutting tool, perfect for processing game and cutting through bones with precision. Its robust titanium handle and razor-sharp blade ensure efficient, clean cuts, making field dressing and butchering tasks quicker and easier.

Cutting Bone

Integrated Attacking Head for Emergencies

Innovatively designed for multifunctional utility, Tissaw features a tempered ceramic bead inserted as the attacking head, doubling as a reliable window breaker when the saw body is closed. This strategic addition enhances the tool's versatility, allowing you to swiftly transition from cutting through tough materials to safely and efficiently breaking car windows or other glass surfaces in emergencies.

Attacking Head for Emergencies

Unmatched Versatility for Every Cutting Task

Tissaw is not just for outdoor adventures; it's a versatile tool ideal for a wide range of applications, making it a must-have for every toolkit. Perfect for cutting through fabric, cardboard, wood, vinyl, PVC, and plasterboard, this hand saw is designed to handle it all. Its sharp blade and ergonomic, skidproof titanium handle ensure precise, controlled cuts, whether you're an electrician, plasterer, or DIY enthusiast. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this hand saw is the go-to solution for your cutting needs.

Cutting More

Compact Efficiency for Confined Spaces

Thanks to its compact size, our hand saw is the perfect solution for tight spaces where larger saws would be cumbersome and awkward to maneuver. Whether you're navigating confined rooms, working in cramped corners, or tackling intricate cuts in small areas, this saw's streamlined design ensures easy handling and precise control.

Compact Efficiency for Confined Spaces

Portable Precision for Anywhere Use

Portable and easy to carry, Tissaw is designed for convenience and accessibility wherever your projects take you. Only 14cm in length and 98g in weight, its compact size and lightweight titanium construction make it effortless to transport in your toolkit, backpack, or vehicle, ensuring you always have a reliable cutting tool at hand. Whether you're working on outdoor projects, tackling home repairs, or venturing into the wilderness, this saw is your go-to companion for precision cutting tasks.

The compact size and light weight make Tissaw easy to carry.

Reliable and Easy to Maintain 

Tissaw's innovative design and premium materials ensure it remains a reliable tool in your collection. Maintaining the hand saw is straightforward, and regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity. This includes keeping the blade clean and dry after each use to prevent rust or corrosion. With simple maintenance measures, it will continue to deliver reliable cutting performance for years to come, ready for any cutting task you encounter.


We take a long journey to get the current Tissaw model:

  • Oct. 2023: Our team found we needed a more compact cutting tool on a camping trip because the axe was cumbersome to carry but knife couldn't get firewood.
  • Corleone Liu found the OLFA-SWB-5 saw blade a perfect solution but all the available handles were not satisfied for elegant carry.
  • Dec. 2023: Liu draft Tissaw's design and discussed that with TITANER
  • Feb. 2024: The first 3D-printed model was made.
  • Mar. 2024: Other models were made for design refinements.
  • Apr. 2024: We got the Titanium model of the folding hand saw.
  • May 2024: The double lock structure was settled and we got the final model.
  • Jul. 2024: Tissaw goes live on
  • Aug. 2024: Mass production and Shipping 



Tissaw has two options for the different surface finishes. One is sandblast titanium while the other is stone-washed titanium. The price various a bit because of different processing costs. 

Left: Stone-washed; Right: Sandblast

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