About Us

We are TITANER. We have been designing and producing all kinds of titanium EDC gear since 2005.

What is titanium?

Titanium is well known for its properties of lightness, strength, and high-corrosion-resistance, but it is not so well known that there are other properties and what they are really capable of. Titanium is a 'new' metal that was discovered in 1790 and started to be produced industrially in 1948 after a long period of maturation since its discovery. Because of its bountiful reserves and excellent bio-friendly feature, titanium is a material friendly to the environment and humans. Through research and development this material has been revealed with nearly infinite possibilities one after another.


How to get an high quality titanium item?

After all there years, Our products and brand have been highly recognised by lots of loyal customers. We design, produce by high precision CNC machining with one of the greatest material, titanium. Our craftsmanship and production level are at the top of the whole industry. Up to now, we have make over 300 different item, include EDC tool, knife, fan, pen, whistle, cup...
We really want to make a difference in this field and make each of our products special, useful and long-lasting. It is our vision to make the heirloom quality products.

Titaner welcome every sigle and special tasteful you