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The Raven 2.0 Titanium Utility Folding Knife

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Designed to be the first choice for your EDC knife

  • Utility Folding Knife with OLFA CKB-2 Blade
  • Quick Release Blade Design
  • Linear Lock Mechanism
  • Variety Blade Options
  • Flipper Open
  • Precision CNC Machined GR5 Titanium

In a nutshell, the Raven 2.0 folding utility knife embodies a flipper open design, complete with a replaceable blade and a convenient quick-release mechanism. Crafted for practicality and longevity, this knife is intended to be your trusted companion throughout a lifetime of use. With its versatility, it effortlessly tackles a diverse array of everyday cutting tasks, from effortlessly opening packages and boxes to precise paper slicing, bush-crafting, and even food preparation. No matter the challenge at hand, the Titaner Utility knife stands as a reliable and ever-ready ally, ready to assist you with unwavering dependability.

Replaceable Blade Design

The knife is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the OLFA CKB-2 Utility blade, while also considering the wide variety of blade styles available in the market. This deliberate design choice allows you to explore a range of options and discover new possibilities by incorporating different blade styles into your cutting tasks.

We are well aware that a substantial portion of the cost associated with a knife stems from the quality and composition of the blade material. And it is important not to underestimate the remarkable properties of the utility blade from OLFA, Japan. With a careful balance of exceptional features, the utility blade exemplifies outstanding performance, durability, and value. 

With this high-quality stainless blade made in Japan, you can tackle a wide range of cutting tasks without any hesitation. Whether it's everyday chores or more demanding projects, the Raven 2.0 is up to the challenge. You can put this pocket knife to work without any distress, knowing it's built to handle whatever you throw at it.

It's a tool you can confidently rely on day in and day out.

Despite the exquisite look, it’s designed for use, not only for looking.

Linear Lock Mechanism

Does it lock?

Yes. The Raven 2.0 features a robust linear lock mechanism for secure blade locking. The blade holder undergoes meticulous machining and polishing processes to ensure a smooth and reliable lock every time.

Invisible Pivot Screw

Unlike other folding knives, the Raven 2.0 showcases a sleek and minimalist design by eliminating the visible pivot screw. You might be wondering how it is held together. To achieve this, we employed a unique mortise and tenon joint plus interference fit structure that is made possible through the precision of CNC machining. Curious to see it in action? Check out the short video here to witness the ingenuity behind its construction.

Multiple Iterations

High Precision 3D CNC Machining

The Raven 2.0 is far more than just two flat metal sheets with a simple texture, a design that would have been easier to manufacture. 

Instead, it boasts a remarkable three-dimensional feel that captivates your senses when held in hand. The almost-columnar handle evokes a profound appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship involved. With each touch, you can almost sense the complexity of the machining process.

Click here for the HD Picture of the CNC Machined Titanium Handle

The Raven 2.0 is meticulously crafted through CNC machining, ensuring the highest quality from the handle to the blade holder and locking bar. Each inch of this knife is precisely machined, resulting in a flawless construction. The natural titanium luster combined with the texture from milling cutter sets this knife apart from others in its category.

Max Cutting Edge

Unlike other utility blade that’s with limited cutting edge, we are exposing the full cutting edge of the blade, but still keep a steady and firm grip. You can have full grip on the handle and cut carefree.

Common Utility Knife with Limited Length of Cutting Edge

Furthermore, the high precision machining guarantees a perfect fit between the blade holder and the blade. This secure connection ensures the blade remains in place and eliminates any play, providing a safe and reliable cutting experience, despite the longer cutting edge.

Quick- Release Blade Design

Effortless blade replacement is paramount when it comes to a utility knife, and we have made it a top priority with our product. The utmost convenience has been engineered into every aspect, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for changing blades. 

We understand that frequent blade changes are necessary for a utility knife that deal with various tasks, and we want to ensure that you can do so quickly and effortlessly. With our user-friendly design, you won't need to fumble around with multiple tools or spend excessive time on the process. All you need are your bare hands.

We believe that convenience should never be compromised, and we are proud to offer a utility knife that makes blade changes a smooth and effortless process.

Inbuilt Lanyard Hole

If you choose to utilize the lanyard hole, you'll find it just as convenient and user-friendly as any lanyard holes on other knives. However, if you have no need for it, you'll hardly even notice its presence. Our commitment to minimalist design is evident in every aspect of the knife, ensuring simplicity and functionality throughout.

Lanyard hole size: 8.6mmX 3.5mm

It stands out yet blends in your EDC gears.


  • Overall Length: 211mm ( 8.31")
  • Folding Length: 121.33mm (4.78")
  • Width: 24.53mm (0.97")
  • Overall Weight: 80.55g  (2.84 oz)
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  • Brand founded in 2005