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Titanium B-MAX Butterfly Knife

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Color: Beadblast

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Meet the B-max !!! 

No need for extra introduction, you see with half an eye, it’s clearly a Butterfly knife, well a Butterfly trainer, to be more accurate.

So where does the idea come from, to make a Butterfly Knife?

As a group of knife addicts, designer and engineers, we are attracted by many fancy knives, among which Butterfly knife is absolutely a very unique type, just like automatic knives. We love the great knives and admire people with great tricks and skills. Watched a lot of videos and cut ourselves hundreds of times, imagining ourselves becoming advanced skilled players, too.

The point of creating one by our own is to make it superb, in every aspects we can think of, from design, material, texture, to smooth operation and wider range of use, etc. With all these criteria set and met, the knife would be high quality and definitely an eye catcher.

Thinking of a pricy product, we always knew that making a luxury toy is not all we want. We want it to be super cool and something that can be used for everyday life, too. Pleasure and utility, both are indispensable, so we started without delay.

What we want to create is something unique and very different from any existing model.

What makes it different?

  • Grade 5 Titanium Handle
  • Accepts OLFA CKB-2 blade
  • Quick release system for changing blade, comb and maybe fork and bottle opener.

Having considered the properties of common materials used for a knife handle, we finally set our mind to Titanium (Ti) .

Titanium (Ti) has been considered as an inert element. It has been proven over time to be one of the most biocompatible implanted materials available. This high biocompatibility and its resistance to corrosion is related, in large part, to the properties of its surface oxide.

It's stable and durable, making it ideal for the long lasting quality.

High precision CNC machining

From the smallest washer to the main frame,  each part, no matter how small, is machined by high precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control). That makes all parts match perfectly with each other, so the B-max works perfectly and smoothly.

The B-max is designed to accept the OLFA CKB-2 blade, which is a reliable and accessible. It's made of stainless steel. It's sharp, afforable and replaceable. Plus the titanium handle, it's literally the knife that you can use and play for a life time.

We may fail, but it won’t cut. It saves some band-aids, antiseptic swabs and give you more freedom to practice all of your favourite tricks without the risk of losing a digit. It’s a great excise for both your body and brain, to improve our agility and concentration. 

The handle is one-unit design, instead of the sandwich structure. It’s more high end and elegant. To give a better balance for the handle and the blade/ tool part, the handle is hollow and sunken. Because it’s designed to accept the utility blade, the weight may be much lighter than other Balisong blade or trainers, so we tried to adjust the weight of the handle by adding hollow on the handle, to keep a perfect balance for it.

The thin grooves feel smooth and comfortable to grip after bead blasting and stonewashed. With the grooves, the lines and the hollow sections, the handle also looks more tactical, or we should say beautiful for this thing.

The pivot screw nut used the anti-backlash structure. So when the blade is revolving, it won’t get loose. The only way for the screws to get loose is to unscrew it with a 3.5mm trianglular screw driver.

The most important character we have to emphasise is the Quick Release design for switching the blades .

Many backers mentioned that our first Raven knife was a creative one with the replaceable blade design, but also pointed out that it takes too many steps and time to change the blade. We take that into serious consideration and made some improvement for the new butterfly trainer and now you can change the blades in seconds.

The elasticity comes from the natural elastic feature of titanium material and the structural force by precise electrode cutting. To take out the blade, all you need to do is press and pull. It's the same for installing the blade. Press the button and insert the blade, then loose the button. It’s just that easy.

The design to accept the utility blade makes the knife a super EDC friendly knife. With a common CKB-2 blade installed, it can meet most of your daily needs for cutting, piercing, carving and scraping, no matter if it is used for office or outdoor activity, it does the job perfectly, leaving you no worries about a blunt, stained blade. Just change a new blade, whenever you want.

TSA- friendly  

If you are taking your B-max with you to a flight, no worries about the security check. You can simply pull the blade out and through it away. You can install a new blade easily, anyway. No hard feelings nor hard time.

Detailed Specifications

Weight: 88 grams (3.1 oz.)

Length Open : 217mm (8.4”)

Length Closed: 118mm (4.6”)

Blade Length: 84mm (3.3”)

Cutting Edge: 53mm (2.1”)

Blade Width: 20mm (0.8”)

Blade Thickness: 1.2mm (0.05”)

Blade Material: Stainless steel

Compatible with Blade: CKB-2 (If you want more, click here to buy)

Handle Length: 118mm (4.6”)

Handle Width: 26mm (1.0”)

Handle Material: Grade 5 Titanium

Color: Gray

Finish: Stonewashed/ Beadblast

User: Right Hand, Left Hand

Knife Type: Butterfly

Pivot Type: Bearings

Lock Type: Latch

Best Use: Recreation

NOTE: Due to regulations imposed by some customs authorities regarding the shipment of knives, if you require the disassembly of the blade to prevent confiscation by customs, please contact our customer service at

The Beadblast & Stonewashed Finishes, which one do you prefer?

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