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Titanium 3-layer Razor

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Color: Sliver

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Before I start to inroduce our new project, Let me ask you several questions,

1. Do you shave?

2. Do you want to own a razor that could keep lifetime? 

3. Do you want to own a razor that could making your shaving a happy experience?

If your answer is YES, let's continue to know about our newest design--titanium quick-release razor, which held the concept of classic minimalist apperance, and made to last forever.

 Our newest design--titanium quick release razor, combines amazing appearance, innovative internal design, high quality titanium, to give you the best distinguished shaving experience.

The Titanium Razor is a wholeboday titanium, "less is more" is the core concept of this design. You can see this concept from the razor handle and round razor stand.

We use Gillette 3-razor refills for the handle, it is avaliable worldwide, therefore, no matching problem exists.

The Titanium Razor has unique internal structure, it makes the way to disassemble the razor head very easy, you just need to press the button on the left. 

The minimalist design does't sacrifice the holding feeling at all. The angle and shape all tested thousands of times to gain best comfortable gripping feeling.

As this razor is made of GR5 titanium, it is a eco-friendly,  rustproof,  resistant to corrosion or acid and base. It's a stable metal material and does not have chemical reaction with other material or liquids. As long as you clean it completely, you can recycle it all the time for totally different things.

 Why we just desgned titanium handle?

We did lots of research of the different kinds of razors, and finally we chose to make cartridge razor. No product is perfect. Every kind of razor has its own advantages and disadvatange. But after consideration, we still think the cartridge razor is the best choice.

Here are the reasons why we don't choose electric razor and double edged razor:

  • Expensive upfront and expensive to maintain heads properly.
  • Loads of irritation (requiring a month or more for you skin to get "accustomed" to the abuse).
  • Typically a dry or near dry shave.
  • Hair is cut unevenly creating ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • Intimidating un-packaging of razor and no protective dispensing system. Exposure to 2 blade edges when changing blade.
  • Easily clogs, hard to wash out and harder to keep clean without serious maintenance. Lot's of moving parts to gum-up or fail.
  • Have to twist to open and close or un-assemble razor to change blade.
  • Have to purchase another container to store sharp used blades.

 Why choose our titanium Quick Release Razor? 

  •  High quality material -- Gr5 titanium  
  •  Unique quick release Design -- Push butoon to release the refills 
  •  Classic minimalist apperance -- No other razor looks better than ours 
  •  Blades available anywhere -- No matter where you go, you can find baldes worldwide 

 Elegant round razor stand, the design concept is "less is more"

Designed with comfort and stability in mind, the Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor performs well and provides the right holding angle to avoid discomfort. 

Round stand make your razor "floating"

Internal fuction structure is really precise. This gif shows how the quick releas structure functions.

Here are the only parts we used in our TITANER Razor.

Razor designed for maximum comfort -- optimal for your everyday use.

This Razor is waterproof and will never ever rust. Just rinse after using.

1S quick release structure for easy replacement, just push the botton on the left, the head will be released easily.

The assemble of the head is super easy too. All you need to do is to bukle it into handle.

Material -- GR5 Titanium

Weight(with refill) -- 62.70g

Weight(round stand) -- 26.01g

Color -- Sliver/Grey

Length of the razor-- 12cm

Diameter of the stand -- 4.4cm

Compatible Razor Rifill -- Gillette 3 blade razor refills

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