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Titanium 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver

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 Introducing the Titanium 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver -A Tribute to the Classic 1949

The WELTRECORD ratchet wrench was manufactured in Germany in 1949. Today, in homage to that year, we have enhanced the design and produced this screwdriver, named -1949; This exceptional screwdriver, known for its ergonomic and efficient design, gained popularity in the late 20th century, drawing admiration for the craftsmanship and ingenuity of that era. We admire WELTRECORD greatly! Today, our engineers draw inspiration from the classic ratchet wrench to create a brand new iteration - the Titanium 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver.
Addressing the Pain Points: What Did 1949 Solve?
Unlike traditional ratchet screwdrivers facing issues with excessive torque during rotation, leading to difficulty in quick disassembly after loosening a screw, we have introduced the groundbreaking POWER-MAX torque system. By incorporating three face bearings, we've minimized friction to nearly zero, effectively addressing the pain points of traditional ratchet screwdrivers.
What is POWER-MAX?
POWER-MAX represents a profound optimization in the efficiency of the ratchet wrench. With the goal of achieving greater torque with less effort, our designers have meticulously crafted this system, which makes Titanium 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver that not only requires less force but delivers a higher torque, enhancing its practicality and playability.       

Versatile for a variety of practical scenarios, seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Product Design

1: Material Fusion for Elegance: Crafted with a dual-color, three-material combination of Titanium Alloy TC4, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Alloy, the Titanium 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver boasts a visually stunning and durable design.     

2: Bidirectional Rotation Feature: Empowering users with flexibility, the screwdriver incorporates a two-way rotation function. The direction is easily controlled through an adjustable column, and secured by two M3 screws and brass washers to ensure a stable force arm .

3:Innovative Locking System: The locking force arm, utilizing the strength of an 8mm ceramic ball, not only provides high-intensity locking but also offers a weathered stone wash finish for slip resistance, ensuring a secure grip even during sweaty conditions.   

4: Magnetic Bit Compartment: A 70mm internal Compartment length allows for the accommodation of spare bits of various lengths; The compartment includes an embedded 4*15mm powerful magnet in the cap to prevent bit movement;Lateral positioning beads within the compartment prevent free rotation during use.   

5:Personalized Engraving Support: Make it uniquely yours with custom engravings in a designated area. Elevate your toolkit with the Titanium 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver.       

Product Specifications:  

Name: 1949
Product Dimensions: Length 147mm (with bit), Length 135mm (without bit), Diameter 30mm, Wall Thickness 3mm
Product Weight: 249.6g (with one short bit)
Materials: Titanium Alloy TC4, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Compatible Bits: for the screwdriver bit with a side length of 6.35mm
Packaging: Toolbox.

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