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Barrel X - the Titanium Tactical Bolt-Action Pen

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Style: Standard Tactical Pen

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In unrest times, we miss the heroes who fought for peace and honor the remarkable innovations that upheld justice throughout history. Inspired by the storied legacy of Browning machine guns, symbols of reliability and combat effectiveness, we introduce our latest creation: the titanium tactical bolt action pen, an everyday carry masterpiece that combines the elegance of a gentleman with the strategic spirit of a warrior, for those who value preparedness and style.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Writing

The design pays homage to the barrel, with a hollowed titanium tube that mirrors the gun's form while optimizing weight and thermal management for comfort. With an ideal weight distribution of ergonomics, the pen perfectly fits your grip habits, enabling the fingers to wrap around it as naturally as breathing. The ventilation holes also dissipate the heat, reducing sweating, thus improving grip comfort when you write to think.

Ergonomics for Comfortable Writing

Reconsidered Mechanism for Precise Control

Experience the seamless flow of your thoughts with a simple pull of the bolt. Barrel X is equipped with a robust bolt-action mechanism strategically placed for easy thumb operation, providing mechanical precision for various kinds of G2 ink refills, such as Schneider, Parker, Fisher Space, etc.

Barrel X is compatible with all the standard G2 refills.

For Stress Relief

The bolt-action mechanism is also reminiscent of reloading bullets, shining with a retro gleam and awaiting your command to fire. Feel the control punctuated by subtle mechanical clicks and kill bad moods with each precise push and pull. Imagine yourself operating a gun and targeting your stresses rather than fidgeting with a toy, which can bring you profound stress relief.

Fidget Bolt-Action

The Meditation Gyro

Experience tranquility as well as inspiration with Barrel X. It also boasts a meditation gyro with a custom bearing at the top, enabling stable spins lasting over 30 seconds. Simply give it a gentle whirl when stress mounts, and pair its enduring spin with deep, soothing breaths to let all your frustrations dissolve away. Or send it spinning when you are thinking and marvel at its mesmerizing dance, sparking creativity and enhancing your contemplative moments.

Gyro can spin for over 30s

Robust Crowbar for Outdoor Adventure

Take on the great outdoors with the Barrel X tactical pen. More than just a writing tool and fidget toy, this rugged pen doubles as a crowbar, providing essential leverage when needed. Barrel X stands ready to assist, whether prying open containers or lifting heavy objects. Crafted from titanium, it handles all the tough outdoor challenges, ensuring you're prepared for your adventures.

Robust Crowbar

Your Reliable Guard On-the-go

Elevate your readiness with the integrated attacking head of Barrel X.  The vertex combines exceptional hardness (Mohs 7.8) with non-magnetic properties with the special ceramic ball embedded. (You can take it on the plane anywhere.)Whether navigating through challenging environments or preparing for unforeseen dangers, this attacking head provides not just defense but peace of mind, ensuring that you are always equipped for protection effectively.

Always Prepared with Attacking Head

We also provide a replaceable tungsten attacking head as an add-on option, which can make Barrel X a more aggressive attacker.

Warrior's Decoration

The sleek design of the pen clip showcases the unique charm of supercar and mecha-style, adding a touch of exquisite sophistication to the entire pen. It's not just a practical accessory but also a detailed decoration that reveals your taste. You can feel that distinctive style whether clipping it onto your notebook, the front pocket, or the side of a backpack. 

Customize Your Glow

On the pen's body, there are 16 slots for 1.5*6mm luminescent or tritium tubes. You can freely install luminescent tubes of different colors to create your exclusive pen. With luminescent tubes installed in your pen, it not only has a highly futuristic appearance but also adds a mysterious and unique charm to your writing experience.

Barrel X has 16 slots for luminescent tubes.

Development after the Idea

Development Timeline

Images We Used in the Design

Again, we miss the heroes who fought for peace and honor the remarkable innovations that upheld justice throughout history. In crafting this tactical pen, we honor the historical significance of Browning machine guns such as M1919, reflecting a commitment to durability and functionality and a nod to a time when such qualities were vital to survival and success. I hope such qualities are in your hands with Barrel X.


Components of the Barrel X pen
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