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The Raven Titanium Utility Folding knife

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Color: Beadblast

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Introducing the Raven, a folding utility knife made from Grade 5 titanium. Designed for utility and durability. The Raven is a titanium folding knife with replaceable blade. It’s the true EDC knife you’ll want to have on you can use at all times.

  • Frame made from Grade 5 Titanium
  • A minimalism folding knife
  • Use replaceable CKB-2 utility blade
  • Quick open with Safe locking
  • 3 finishes of Beadblast grey, Tumble polished, PVD black,
  • Hand-Carving: Black Starfall, Blue Starfall, Stone Pattern
  • Open within LESS time, in a NEW way.
    2x socket head cap screws added for a convenient and smooth opening.

    2 socket head cap screws will also be added in the box. You can either choose the flat head screws or the socket head cap screws( both will be shipped to you) for a convenient and smooth opening.

    Tritium tube colours available
    Tritium slots, 1 on the pocket clip, 1 on the flipper.
    Man, Raven, Wild
    Raven Utility Folding Knife with Replaceable Blade

     There has been many utility knives already, made from plastic, steel, etc, but RAVEN is remarkably different from any of them. Made from grade 5 titanium, it’s corrosion resistant, rustproof and made to last forever. It won’t break easily like the plastic nor will there be ageing problem. The weight is also lighter than steel. The natural lustre of titanium metal sets it apart from any other utility knives and common folding knives made from synthetic material.

     Most of the existing utility knives are using a push-draw structure, it’s ok but not good enough. It takes time to slide the blade to the length we need. As the usage increase, the common utility knife gets stuck easily when sliding the blade. They are not reacting as fast and smooth as we need. The Raven is a quick open folding knife that can open within 0.5 seconds. The opening and closing is just fast and smooth. And it keeps this way no matter how long you've been using it. 

    Another problem with common utility knife is the blade playing problem. People are getting used to the fact that utility knife is just like that. Well, not for the RAVEN. The extreme accuracy control and 2 spacers secure the blade at the right place. It has the firmness as a pocket folding knife and the utility blade that can be replaced without difficulty.

    The Raven uses CKB-2 utility blade made in Japan. The blade does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving and scraping. The minimal outline design is suitable for both outdoors and indoor.

    Click and there you go. Use it  in the way you are reluctant to do so with your classic, fancy, expensive knife collections. Whenever the blade is blunt, stained or covered by tape, just replace the old blade with a new one. You can always have the new knife with you.

    The screw can be adjusted with just bear hands. Rotate the screw with nail and you can adjust the tightness of the blade yourself.

    It’s a piece of art combined the minimal design with excellent properties of titanium metal. The elasticity of titanium and the ceramic ball ensure the locking system smooth and reliable.

    Two-way screw +410 SS spacer keeps the blade secure in its place without any playing like other utility knives do.


    • Material: GR5 Titanium handle, SS blade
    • Length closed: 108.5mm (4.3”)
    • Length open: 169mm (6.7”)
    • Max width: 27.5mm (1.1”)
    • Total weight: 69.3g (2.4oz)
    • Blade: OLFA CKB-2
    • Tritium size: 1.5*6mm

    The Raven is knife with more DIY pleasure. You can disassemble every single part by yourself.

    Detachable parts

    3 finishes to choose from:

    From top to bottom: Beadblast, PVD black, Tumble polished
    Raven and the box
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  • Brand founded in 2005