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Ice-crystal Pure Titanium Water Bottle

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Do you have some troubles in using the common water bottle? Traditional water bottles come with certain drawbacks that compromise your drinking experience:

Common water Bottles:

1: Painted Surface: Ordinary water bottles are coated with paint, which can be harmful to the human body.

2: Lack of Fresh-keeping Function: These bottles lack the ability to keep contents fresh, making them prone to odors.

3: Poor Acid and Alkali Resistance: Traditional bottles can only hold pure water, as storing beverages may result in the leaching of heavy metals.


Say goodbye to the frustration of using the traditional water bottle and our crystal titanium bottle addresses these issues: 

1: No Paint Coating: Unlike traditional bottles, our bottle is not coated with paint, ensuring it maintains its color naturally even at high temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

2: Healthy Fresh-keeping: The bottle is designed to keep beverages fresh for extended periods, preventing any change in taste.                                                                   

3 : Acid and Alkali Resistance: With excellent resistance to acid and alkali, our bottle is suitable for holding any type of beverage without the risk of heavy metal leaching.


Now, let our Crystal Titanium Bottle redefine your expectations---One of the reasons that we made this bottle is pretty interesting. A new colleague in our office is a perfectionist. She would do a lot of research and comparison before she makes a decision to purchase an item.  But she didn't find out a perfect drink bottle for herself. Then, an idea came up to our mind, there must be a lot of people has the same wish as her, why don't we make one ourselves. 


Compact and mini, all in the palm of your hand:

The Ice-crystal Pure Titanium Water Bottle is designed for your convenience, ensuring freshness and peace of mind for your beverages. Whether it's floral tea, fruit juice, milk, chilled drinks, or coffee, this lightweight bottle at 165g lets you carry your favorite tea effortlessly wherever you go. Embrace a stress-free tea experience anytime, anywhere.


Featuring multiple craftsmanship techniques to meet your discerning needs: 

Cutting-edge Technology:

Core technology, Crystal Diamond Technology, and a health-focused pure titanium interior undergo a meticulous process of 145 steps. Withstanding temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius, the titanium cup achieves a naturally radiant appearance akin to a diamond.

Natural Antibacterial Properties:

Naturally inhibiting bacteria, ensuring health and freshness, your beverages remain unaltered. Titanium possesses a renewable protective layer and a unique antibacterial preservation mechanism that locks in the fresh taste of your drinks.


 Smart Temperature Display:

Intelligent temperature indication - a touch reveals the high-brightness LED display, showcasing the current temperature of the contents. It is not necessary to pass the mouth to check the temperature and avoid burns. 

360 degree rotation does not have to worry about water leaks, and sealing is good:

This new style bottle have a LED Intelligent Temperature Display on the top of the thermos which will last up to 80,000 touches without a battery change. That's 2+ years of usage! After that, If you still want a touch-show lid, you can contact us to purchase one more, if you don't, you can keep the original led. 

Compact, light and Stylish:

Lightweight and mini, it fits perfectly in your hand. A style statement, it's a joy to hold, weighing just 165g. Enjoy your tea effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Aesthetic Appeal:

A visual delight, naturally shining with a high-cold and extraordinary exterior. Add a touch of color to your fashion with this naturally dazzling appearance.

Super Portable:

The bottle is super light and the size is great for home, work, outdoor sport, at the gym, in your car, and even camping or hiking. 


 Anti-scald design:

100% Leak Proof & Easy to Clean----The BPA-free material of titanium and tritan ensures no leak, no plastic smell.

Product Specifications:

Material: Pure titanium and food grade tritan
Volume: 220ml                                     
Weight: 165g                                       
Length: 16.5cm                                     
Color: Gray, Blue, Aqua, Orange   



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