Surface Tratement

Multiple Surface tratement could be done on nearly all Titaner products, for fulfilling customer’s special requirement on their gears. the tratement including:

– CNC Machined Silver Finish
– Stone-Washed Finish
– Polished Finish Anodizing Finish
– Flame Anodizing Finish
– Sandblast/Beadblast Finish

Here are sample pictures for display.

Double Wall Cup (CNC)
ID TAG/Pry bar (CNC)
Whistle (CNC & Stone-Washed)
Opener (Sandblast & Stonewash & CNC)
Cigarette Filter (Polished Finish)
Spoon (Polished Finish)
Beads (Anodizing Finish)
Capsule Case (Anodizing Finish/CNC)
Pen (Flame Anodizing Finish)
Beads (Flame Anodizing Finish)
Ruler (Sandblast & CNC)
Money Clips (Sandblast & CNC)