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Titaner Titanium Pill Box

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Lighter than a key
, the Ti-canister is designed to keep your curtail things with you through every daily life. The pocket size container is perfect for your everyday carry. Tea, coffee, pills, candy, jewellery...whatever you need to carry around, you can put it in the Ace-canister. The airtight canister consist of a pure titanium body and a cap made from Tritan, the same material as baby nursing bottle. From body to the cap, the eco-friendly material made the canister perfect for you to store so many small things with you. With the superior properties of titanium, that is lightweight, corrosion resistant, stable with acid and base, you can store anything with strong flavour without worrying the taste or odour change a little bit.

  • Transparent lid - easy view of canister contents

  • Mini Size - convenient for your everyday carry

  • Elegant Appearance - always an eye-catcher 

  • Air Tight - remain fresh for a long time

  • Super Light - no extra burden to your pocket

  • Wide Opening Design - easy to use and clean


Size:1.9 x 1.8 in

Net weight: 1.76 oz

Capacity: 1.7 oz

Package size: 3.4x 3.4x 2.5 in

Colors available: Crystal silver, green, blue, gold