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Titaner Titanium PickPlus: Micro 2-in-1 Toothpick + Ear Pick

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Titaner titanium keychain hack - An ideal everyday carry gear to keep your teeth and ear clean anywhere and anytime.

PickPlus is the 6th generation toothpick - with the optimum size and function. 

Integrated Design Two-ended screw fixing design, 3 different combination way, can be used as pocket toothpick &  ear pick & fruit pick & EDC tool for emergency.

Ultra-light and Portable - Weighing only 3.9g, it's lighter than a key!

No matter if you are travelling, camping, hiking, climbing and participating any other outdoor activities. It's so convenient to carry and use, making it also a great and special gift.


Material: Grade 5 titanium

Folding length: 67.5mm

Case length: 50mm

Pick length: 39.5mm

Weight: 3.9g  (0.14oz)