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Titaner Bolt Pen

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The Titaner Bolt Pen is designed for people who desire a stunning pen that is different from the rest. Smartly engineered to maintain it's simplicity, the Bolt Pen comes packed with great features such as a unique bolt mechanism, an adjustable tap to accommodate numerous refills, a tungsten glass breaker, a mini-PIN to remove sim cards or press reset buttons and o-ring grips for superior comfort whilst writing. 

Traditional bolt action pens rely on a single-point bolt clasp in the form on a screw. After repeated use, the button can gradually unthread and become loose as time passes, prompting the user to tighten the fitting from time to time. The idea to have a one-handed use bolt pen that avoids this issue was born.

Made from 100% Grade 5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V), this is one robust pen, made to last. A pen for life. The smooth texture and balanced weight gives you a perfect writing experience. 

Within the body of the pen, unscrew the head within to reveal a mini-PIN. This small, yet handy addition can be used for a range of purposes, including removing SIM cards from mobile devices or simply pressing hard to reach reset buttons. One you are done, simply screw it back in to the chassis.

The entire chassis being made from GR5 Titanium makes the Titaner Bolt pen rustproof. Load it with a fisher space pen refill and you can even write under water!

The pen offers a simple innovative, yet effortless mechanism to truly set it apart from the other Bolt Pens available in market today. Unlike other Bolt pens, the Titaner bolt is welded in place.

We aimed to develop a novel refill chamber that would not disrupt the pens premium aesthetics. To ensure the refills could be adjusted anywhere, any time, we designed an adjustable tap mechanism which can be fully controlled using the pen clip itself, easily detached by unscrewing the tungsten glass breaker end. No need to carry a Phillips screwdriver!

It is not easy to demonstrate just how well balanced this pen is. We found many titanium pens to have unbalanced weight distribution. We carefully managed the internal and external engineering of the Titaner Bolt to give a beautifully balanced pen that comes to life in your hands.

We know it is important to have choice of the refills you wish to load the pen with. The Titaner Bolt has been designed to give you full control. 

Use the removable pen clip to position the adjustable tap concealed inside the top barrel, to perfectly fit a variety of common refill types.