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Raven Titanium Utility Folding Knife for OLFA CKB-2 Blade

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Backed by 806 backers on Kickstarter, the folding utility knife is made from Grade 5 titanium. Designed for utility and durability. The Raven is a titanium folding knife with replaceable blade. It’s the true EDC knife you’ll want to have on you can use at all times.

  • Frame made from Grade 5 Titanium
  • A minimalism folding knife
  • Use replaceable CKB-2 utility blade
  • Quick open with Safe locking
  • 3 finishes of Beadblast grey, Tumble polished, PVD black


  • Material: GR5 Titanium handle, SS blade
  • Length closed: 108.5mm (4.3”)
  • Length open: 169mm (6.7”)
  • Max width: 27.5mm (1.1”)
  • Total weight: 69.3g (2.4oz)
  • Blade: OLFA CKB-2
  • Tritium size: 1.5*6mm( tritium tubes not installed)

The fast and smooth opening set it apart from all the other utility knives. 

One of the biggest advantage would be easy to change the blade when it's dull or dirty. You'll always have the sharp and new knife for years to come. This also allows you to really use the knife in so many cases when you don't want to hurt your expensive folding knives. Raven is a knife designed for utility and practicability.