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Mechanical Pencil in Titanium/ Aluminium

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Our Titanium Mechanical Pencil- distinguished from any of your writing tools.

Grade 5 titanium and aluminium versions to be chosen from, the mechanical pencil is made by high precision CNC machining. It makes writing and drawing a genuine pleasure.

The great material and precision machining skills all underlined the taste and quality.

The inspiration came from gun barrel, which means a pencil can be as might as a weapon. The work we can do with the pencil is even more important.

Perfect gift for the refined connoisseur of spirits.



  • Material - Solid GR5 Titanium/ aluminium
  • Length - 142mm
  • Max Diameter: 9.5mm
  • Weight - 25.7g for titanium version, and 19g for aluminium version
  • Insert: SCHMIDT DSM 2007