1. General Details

    Titanium Self Defense Spray Case

    This special design of Titaner titanium self defense spray case is a great choice as EDC stuff. It helps to win more time for escaping when you are in trouble, especially when you are likely to be hurt by bad people you can’t fight.

    4 Option:

    Striola, TI-PWK-01

    Stripe, TI-PWK-02

    Grid, TI-PWK-03

    Pineapple, TI-PWK-04

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material Length Width N.W.
    TI-PWK-01 Titanium GR5 125.43 mm 15.00 mm 33.7 g
    TI-PWK-02 Titanium GR5 125.59 mm 15.10 mm 33.8 g
    TI-PWK-03 Titanium GR5 125.59 mm 15.10 mm 33.8 g
    TI-PWK-04 Titanium GR5 125.59 mm 15.10 mm 33.8 g
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