1. General Details

    Titanium Samurai Mask Paracord Beads TI-TSK-01

    Titaner Titanium Samurai Mask Paracord Beads are made by Titanium GR5, with unique design and multiple color option. Lightweight, Rustproof, Corrosion resistance and Healthy, those lanyard beads could be perfectly match up with your pack or pocket knife.

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material Length Diameter N.W.
    TI-TSK-01 Titanium GR5 20mm 14mm 5.3g
    TI-TSK-02 Titanium GR5 30mm 12mm 5.3g
    Cat # Material Thickness Diameter N.W.
    TI-TSK-03 Titanium GR5 7mm 20mm 5.8g
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