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Titanium Rings TI-TJZ-01

Titaner Titanium Rings are are lightweight and comfortable to wear for both men and women.

The most traditional design is available in three widths, 4mm, 8mm and 10mm in stock. The width could be customize by client’s requirement.

Surface treatment service is offered for bringing you the most distinctive rings.

Color by anodizing finish won’t be faded and no harm for body health;

Randomness by Flame anodizing finish would make your ring unparalleled and we promise there will never be a same one in the world.

Cat # Material Thickness Width N.W.  Color Option
TI-TJZ-01 Titanium GR5 3.00mm 4.00mm 1.2g Natural/Blue/Rosiness
TI-TJZ-02 Titanium GR5 3.00mm 8.00mm 3.4g Natural/Blue/Rosiness
TI-TJZ-03 Titanium GR5 3.00mm 10.00mm 4.4g Natural/Blue/Rosiness
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