1. General Details

    Titaner Titanium Lighter Shell TI-DHJ-01

    Titaner Lighter (Shell) is designed to be matched up with Zippo Insert. Weighing just 33.5 gram (1.18 ounces), metal construction is all made of titanium alloy.

    0.2mm thicker than standard Zippo case – comparing at the thinnest part on body. don’t worry the shell will be out of shape by accidentally falling or crashing.

    The lighter surface experienced polish then stone wash for holding the best hand feeling. with portable Cow leather package, it will be a suitable gift or an everyday carry.

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material Length Hight Thickness N.W.(Shell)
    TI-DHJ-01 TitaniumGR5 39.8mm 59mm 13.5mm 33.5g
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