1. General Details
    Titanium Grappling Hook TI-FSH-04

    Titaner Titanium Grappling Hook is a robust yet lightweight, high quality, pocket size hook ideal for getting you out of tough spots in the harshest of conditions. The hooks store safely and conveniently inside the watertight titanium tube. Easily attached to a lanyard, keys or bags allowing you to always have it hand. Supplied with carry pouch and spare ‘o’ ring.


    Waterproof storage
    Compact and Lightweight
    Corrosion Resistant

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material Length Width N.W.
    TI-FSH-01 Titanium GR5 54.25mm 22.55mm 32.0g
    TI-FSH-02 Titanium GR5 47.00mm 21.55mm 26.6g
    TI-FSH-03 Titanium GR5 50.50mm 21.44mm 30.8g
    TI-FSH-04 Titanium GR5 52.00mm 19.4mm 45.0g
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