1. General Details
    Titanium Straw 

    Titaner Titanium Drinking Straw is tasteless and odorless, which won’t affect beverage’s taste. Compare with the plastic one, Titanium straw is resist getting too cold or too hot by it’s low thermal conductivity, which is great for hiking, camping or everyday use. Each of the straw comes with a brush for easy clearn up the straw inside.

    Two option shape: TI-TXG-01 Straight and TI-TXG-02 bent

    Surface tratement option: Flame Anodizing finish


  2. Specification
    Cat # Shape Material Length Diameter
    TI-TXG-01 Straight Titanium GR2 150mm 4mm
    TI-TXG-02 Bent Titanium GR2 190mm 4mm
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