1. General Details

    Titanium Cufflink 08

    Titaner Titanium Cufflink 08 is subtle enough that they could be match up with any color shirts with classy and professional looks.

    Titanium is featured with both elegance and modernization, which is much more durable and highly resistant to attack or abrasion than any matal in cufflinks area. Great choice as daily adornment or for businessman or businesswoman.

    8 Shape Options from TI-TXK-01 to TI-TXK-08 as picture.

  2. Specification
    Cat # Length N.W Cat # Length N.W
    TI-TXK-01 14.97mm 4.8g TI-TXK-05 15.01mm 4.6g
    TI-TXK-02 15.04mm 4.2g TI-TXK-06 19.99mm 6.0g
    TI-TXK-03 15.01mm 4.4g TI-TXK-07 15.08mm 4.6g
    TI-TXK-04 14.99mm 4.6g TI-TXK-08 15.08mm 4.6g
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