1. General Details

    Titanium Cigarette Filter TI-TYZ-01

    Titaner Titanium Cigarette Filter is perfect choice for those who can’t quit smoking but do care about their health. It’s also a great gift for your father, your girl friend, boy friend or those who smoke and you care about.

    Material – Solid Titanium
    Color – Natural
    Length – 63mm
    Diameter – 8.6mm
    Food Grade Silicone O-Ring
    Centrifugal Filter

  2. Specification
    Material Titanium GR5
    O shape circle Food-grade Silicone
    Length 63mm
    Diameter 8.6mm
    Weight 8.5g
    Diameter offilter hole 0.4mm
    Filtration type Centrifugal filtration + tar adsorption + gravity separation
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