1. General Details

    Titanium Camping Cup 800ML TI-CTB-06

    Our Titanium Camping Cup 800ML is lightweight and durable – an ideal combination for weight conscience mountaineers. They can also double as smaller camping pots.

    375ml – 75x80mm; 55.3g; Titanium Handles

    450ml – 90x85mm; 64.6g; Titanium Handles

    550ml – 80x95mm; 93.1g; Titanium Handles

    600ml – 100x80mm; 104.1g; Rubber Coated Titanium Handles

    750ml – 110x100mm; 116.9g; Titanium Handles

    800ml – 120x100mm; 114.0g; Rubber Coated Titanium Handles

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material Capacity Height Diameter N.W.
    TI-CTB-01 Titanium GR2 375ml 75mm 80mm 55.3g
    TI-CTB-02 Titanium GR2 450ml 90mm 80mm 64.6g
    TI-CTB-03 Titanium GR2 550ml 80mm 95mm 93.1g
    TI-CTB-04 Titanium GR2 600ml 90mm 95mm 104.1g
    TI-CTB-05 Titanium GR2 750ml 110mm 95mm 116.9g
    TI-CTB-06 Titanium GR2 800ml 117mm 95mm 114.0g
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