1. General Details

    Titanium Bended Head Tent Peg TI-ZPD-02

    Titaner Titanium Bended Head Tent Peg, exceptionally strong and lightweight, which provides excellent holding and can be easily driven into hard soil avoid getting bent or damaged.

    3 Options: 

    Bar Straight Head TI-ZPD-01
    Bar Bended Head TI-ZPD-02
    V shape 7 holes TI-ZPD-03

  2. Specification
    Cat # Shape Length Diameter N.W
    TI-ZPD-01 Bar Straight Head 154.21mm 3.96mm 9g
    TI-ZPD-02 Bar Bended Head 150mm 3.0mm 7.8g
    TI-ZPD-03 V shape 7 holes 165.1mm N/A 11.5g
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