1. General Details
    Titan Titanium Tactical Pen TI-ZSB-01

    Titan Titanium Tactical Pen is designed to be sleek and elegant – but is also a robust, reliable tactical pen. It’s made of titanium, with a ceramic-treated clip, so it’s tough enough to the handle-struggles of an EDC pen. Stylish with discrete tactical features including a Tungsten reinforced attack point. Completely machined from titanium from tip to base.

    Overall, the Titan looks high-quality, and would be a pretty functional, solid pen to have on you every day, and to use as back-up in an emergency.

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material   Size N.W. Refill
    TI-ZSB-01 Titanium GR2 11*129.5mm 34.2g Parker Rollerball
    TI-ZSB-02 Titanium GR2 11*116mm 32.0g Parker Rollerball
    TI-ZSB-03 Titanium GR5 8.4*134.38mm 14.9g Pilot G2
    TI-ZSB-04 Titanium GR5 8.99*135.83mm 15.0g Pilot G2
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