1. General Details
    Metal Titanium Stylus Tactical Pen TI-ZSB-04

    (Production stopped since Jul, 2017.)

    Metal Titanium Stylus Tactical Pen, a unique and stylish pen with discrete tactical features.

    The nib of the pen is exposed by screwing in the rear. To deactivate the pen the rear is simply unscrewed.

    The double threaded rear can be reversed for a smooth finish hiding the glass breaker tip. Alternatively the tip can be reversed and screwed home to secure a glass breaker tip for those emergency scenarios.

    Completely machined from titanium from tip to base. Lifetime quality and craftsmanship.


  2. Specification
    Cat # Material   Size N.W. Refill
    TI-ZSB-01 Titanium GR2 11*129.5mm 34.2g Parker Rollerball
    TI-ZSB-02 Titanium GR2 11*116mm 32.0g Parker Rollerball
    TI-ZSB-03 Titanium GR5 8.4*134.38mm 14.9g Pilot G2
    TI-ZSB-04 Titanium GR5 8.99*135.83mm 15.0g Pilot G2 
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