1. General Details
    Lotus Titanium Tactical Pen TI-ZSB-02

    Lotus Titanium Tactical Pen is machined from a solid titanium rod, making it robust yet lightweight (~1.1 oz.).

    Like the Titan, it’s made of solid titanium, so it’s tough. It also takes standard Parker ballpoint-style refills. So, it’s a good pen to carry around every day for general use.

    When it comes to the Lotus’s tactical function, there’s actually a weapon hiding under the small cap at the back end … the ‘Lotus DNA Catcher’, a striking point designed to retain a DNA sample for future identification.

  2. Specification
    Cat # Material   Size N.W. Refill
    TI-ZSB-01 Titanium GR2 11*129.5mm 34.2g Parker Rollerball
    TI-ZSB-02 Titanium GR2 11*116mm 32.0g Parker Rollerball
    TI-ZSB-03 Titanium GR5 8.4*134.38mm 14.9g Pilot G2
    TI-ZSB-04 Titanium GR5 8.99*135.83mm 15.0g Pilot G2
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