Tiroler: an Exquisite Titanium Ring Ruler for Crooked Shapes


Are you frustrated with the limitations of traditional rulers, which stifle your creativity and hinder your ability to accurately measure curved or irregular shapes accurately? Standard tape measures struggle with curved areas, often yielding inaccurate measurements due to poor fitting. Furthermore, their restricted length means you must constantly reposition the ruler when measuring longer objects.

              It's a pain to measure irregular or extended shapes.


Say goodbye to the confines of traditional rulers, for the solution has arrived! We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Tiroler – a stunning titanium curve measuring ring that slips onto your fingertip. With its mesmerizing sci-fi-inspired circular design, this cutting-edge tool is poised to redefine the way you measure curved, irregular shapes, and extended lengths.

                                         The Rolling Ruler

Revolutionizing Irregular Shape Measurement

Whether you're working on artistic projects, DIY endeavors, or any task that demands accurate measurements of unconventional shapes, Tiroler empowers you to do so effortlessly, making it the ultimate tool for precision and creativity.

                             Perfect to measure irregular shapes.

Infinite Loop, Infinite Extension:

Tiroler's continuous loop design sets it apart, offering limitless measurement possibilities for curves and lines of any length. It's a ruler that's got your back, no matter how intricate or extensive your measurements may be. This is the ruler that truly has you covered!

                           Break the limit to the extended length

How to Count the Measurement

  • The length of one revolution of the ruler is 10cm. Before using it, reset the reading to zero and place the zero mark perpendicular to the starting point of the measuring surface.
  • Roll along the measuring path, and you will feel one satisfying click for each complete revolution. When you reach the end of the measuring course, align the circular arc ruler vertically with the measuring surface and read the value.
  • The total length is the number of rolled revolutions (count the clicks you feel when rolling) multiplied by 10cm plus the reading. (e.g., if the reading is 8.2 and rolled for three revolutions, the total distance would be 8.2+ 3*10= 38.2cm).
  • There is also a 5-inch version. It works in the same way.

                                           Rolling Ruler

It won't slip on smooth, hard surfaces. The design uses anti-slip stripes on the edge and a smooth rotation axle inside to ensure that the friction on the measuring surface is always greater than the roller axle. In this way, Tiroler keeps accuracy always.

                                     Anti-slip stripes

Measure when DIY Design:

Unleash your creativity with Tiroler as your trusty companion. Whether you're sketching intricate patterns, cutting fabric for sewing, or crafting unique pieces, Tiroler's continuous loop design ensures precise measurements for even the most irregular shapes. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to the freedom to design without boundaries.

                        Measurement for your DIY creations

Measure on  Maps:

Planning your next outdoor escapade just got more exciting with Tiroler. It seamlessly measures curved trails on maps, helping you chart your journey with precision. When you're navigating winding rivers, tracking mountain trails, or mapping out bike routes, Tiroler ensures that you stay on the right path, unlocking the full potential of your outdoor adventures.

                                          Measure on Map

Measure Extensions in Your Space

Whether you're redesigning a room, hanging curtains, or selecting the perfect table for your dining area, this innovative measuring tool ensures your home projects are flawless. With its continuous loop design, Tiroler conquers extended tables and expansive windows, making the process easy and accurate. Experience the joy of creating a space that reflects your unique style, all while eliminating the hassle of constant repositioning.

                           No hassle of constant of reposition.

Easy Carry to Measure Anywhere

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to measure something but didn't take a ruler? With the Tiroler, measuring on a whim is now possible. It's lightweight and compact, making it the perfect on-the-go companion. You can just take it in your pocket or hang it as a pendant, which allows you to measure objects anytime and anywhere. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky tape rulers.

                                         Portable Design

Fingertip Toy for Stress Relief and Meditation

Beyond measurements, Tiroler is a fingertip companion for stress relief or meditation, offering a tangible source of calm and focus. With its smooth yet substantial texture, Tiroler is also a tactile wonder that transforms every rotation into a delightful sensory experience. Each rotation yields a satisfying, rhythmic click, enhancing the overall experience.

                                      Play as a fidget toy.

Cool Necklace Pendant

Crafted with precision CNC machined titanium parts, Tiroler features a futuristic design characterized by smooth, round contours that resemble a saucer-like UFO. When worn as a necklace, this accessory adds a touch of fashionable style to any outfit, making you stand out from the crowd and exuding an air of confident sophistication.

                           Cool necklace pendant on our chest


We provide two versions of Tiroler: The Imperial ruler has a 5-inch circumference and the metric 10cm, with diameters of 40.42mm and 31.83mm, respectively.

              It's a long journey to make this great measurement.

Tiroler Rewards


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