Build your dream

We all had dream, or chased for something we deeply wanted. But... we quit,  as we needed to compromise to reality.

Now... TITANER is here to help. We have successfully built our own brand and gained lots of customers who love our design and products. We knew how hard it is to get here. We really appreciate all the support from others these years. Therefore, we also want to contribute our efforts to help more people to realize their dream.

TITANER has the best production ability and design team in this field. We can make your dream come true. And our legal team can also help you to gain the patent to ensure your idea won’t be copied by others. We can also help you to finish the production part to let you gain profit. We want to give everyone who has dream a platform to show idea.


Here is the flow chart to show all the process how a product is made, to let you know how the process should be.

How to gain a product patent, a sample product?

We will firstly take a review of your idea, if this is original. We will then apply for the patent of your idea. After we get the paperwork. Our engineer will make a sample according the design drawing. When the sample product is finished, we will gift the product to you. If you are able to sell them out by yourself, we will authorize the patent to you. But if not, we can cooperate to sell them out, we have lots of channel to sell products. In this way, we will make all the data transparent to you, and share your part of profit to you.

 How to make profit?

Furthermore, we are honored to tell you, we have the best production ability in this field. And we are experienced in CNC field to produce items.


Our design and production team will hold meeting exclusive for your idea to discuss the lead time, sales channel, and then show the product out in suitable crowdfunding platform. After we successfully get the funds, we will in charge of the the production, shipping part. And you will gain big profit.


TITANER are willing to share our resources and listen to your idea.


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TITANER has the world's most professional manufacturer of titanium products. Our products cover: titanium outdoor, titanium stationery, titanium EDC, titanium water bottle, titanium tableware and other different kinds of products.

If you have amazing idea and design concept and want it to show on the world stage, TITANER is willing to help you to fulfill your dreams. If your idea passed our review, we will let you and our best designer to perfect your design and make the idea from imagination to reality. 

Now, all you need to do is to email us of your idea, let’s fulfill your dream together.